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7.40 €

Angel Professional cean Star Breeze Spray 250ml

Contains deep-sea spa essence for creating instant body and fullness for bouncy, healthy hair. Fresh sea breeze scent , suitable for all types of hair. Product Usage Apply 4-5 sprays to damp hair from roots to hair ends and comb through to ensure even distribution. Blow-dry and style as desired.
6.30 €

Angel Professional Cool Shimmer Hair Stick 100ml

For incredible hold beyond belief. Instantly creates texture and gives precise styling control without sacrificing shine. Easy to carry, express yourself with an all-day, sexy, and flexible hold. Product Usage Apply an appropriate amount onto hair and style as desired.
4.40 €

Angel Professional Hair Design Cream 100ml

Work your hair any way you want and maintain the shape for the entire day while keeping your hair sleek and slender. Suitable for all hair types and any length. Product Usage Apply a small amount by dabbing with fingertips, allowing you to achieve all possible hold levels as desired.
4.80 €

Angel Professional Hair Gel Ultra Forte Strong Holding

Angel’s strongest hair gel with a UV filter. The gel is very suitable for creating wet look hairstyles as well as blow-drying. Product Usage Distribute in dry or wet hair.Blow dry or air dry as desired.
5.00 €

Angel Professional Hair Shaper 90ml

Creates definition, style and soft texture without weight. Gives hair a more fuller look with movement . Specially formulated for styling curly hair. Product Usage Apply an appropriate amount on the palms, rub thoroughly onto damp hair to style curls as desired.
7.40 €

Angel Professional Hair Smoother (Smoothing Cream) 150ml

For complete control, manage unruly hair with the Angel Smoother. Medium control smoothing cream will create a shiny, tamed style with an ultra smooth finish without weighing down hair. Product Usage Apply an appropriate amount on the palms and smooth onto the hair.
5.80 €

Angel Professional Livening Styling Mousse 260ml

Blended with aminosal, it can effectively strengthen hairs’ elasticity and the degree of curling. Natural oceanic essence chitin included can highly moisturize hairs for 24 hours. After using, flat hairs immediately turn into Stereoscopic and shining hairs
7.40 €

Angel Professional Long Lasting Hairspray 400ml

This new generation of long lasting hairspray contains plant fibers to enhance hold with a quick-dry formulation. Gives hair a fuller more healthier look without weighing hair down. Product Usage Hold 10 to 12 cm from hair and spray to style hair.
4.80 €

Angel Professional Maximum Stick Wax 100g

Out of control texture, screams with shine. Only for the coolest people. Product Usage Apply all over dry hair for a multi-directional look or on the ends to smooth.
6.00 €

Angel Professional Texture Clay (For Semi-Matte Textured Effect) 90ml

A lightweight styling cream that creates extreme texture with movement. Natural matte clay is suitable for loose tousled style, creating a multi-level hairstyle, with a softer, fuller, and lasting look. Adds instant manageability to hair permitting unlimited styling possibilities. Product Usage Rub a pea-sized amount in the palm of your hands until it disappears: apply evenly through damp hair from roots to ends. Blow dry as desired.
6.50 €

Angel Professional Thickifier Energizer Stylizer 150ml

Thickifier – adds body and volume. Energizer – gives life to limp hair. Stylizer – defines, separates and controls. Product Usage Use desired amount on wet or dry hair and style.
7.40 €

Angel Professional Volume Curling Cream 250ml

Containing seaweed collagen extract, in a luscious creamy formula specially created to maintain healthy and shiny hair. Provides instant texture while giving volume and controlling style. Prevents hair from drying and adds shine. Formulated to rebuild hair from within by forming a protective coating around hair shaft to protect the surface of the hair. Excellent product for creating texture and gives hair long lasting hold and shine. Product Usage Apply product onto damp or dried hair and twist with fingers, style as desired.