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40.00 €

Diamond Cosmetics Semilac UV Lampa 36W

UV Lampa 36W the lamp is produced for use in the gel varnishes and UV gel Lamp with 4 bulbs, timers programmed with two times (120 sec. And 180 sec.) Non-rotating wire 140cm.
40.00 €


Semilac introduces the 24W UV LED Lamp, featuring the latest technology in its design to ensure you benefit from the very best end results. The Semilac lamps all come with a 12-month warranty and are the perfect choice for curing the all of the Semilac products we stock. With an adjustable automatic timer, you can enjoy two cure modes of either 30 or 60 seconds to ensure you get a perfect finish every time. Simply place your hands into the lamp and, thanks to the built in sensor, the curing process will begin automatically. Featuring an elegant and ergonomic design, this lamp is not only effective in its end results but will also look great whether introduced to your salon or your home. Power: 24W (Featuring 15 1.6W LEDs) Lamp Dimensions: Length- 21cm, Width- 12cm, Height-8cm In the set, you'll find a guide on how to use the product, the UV lamp and a power adapter.
30.60 €

JESSICA Thermal pedicure booties

Sooth & Relax client's hands & feet while retaining natural moisture levels with Jessica Thermal Booties. Providing warmth to the skin during pedicure treatments helps enhance product performance by opening pores to allow deeper penetration of oil and moisturizing agents. Ideal for softening cuticles, moisturizing dry feet and nails, soothing inflammation and preventing hangnails.
From 19.50 €

Mini LED Nail Lamp 9w

LED lamp is produced for use in the gel lacquers. Specification a) Voltage and current: 220-240V / 50Hz. Power 9W (3x3w) b) UV wavelength: 395-410 nm - operated with UV LED emission
55.00 €

Perfect Beauty Pink Look

The compack design adds temperature's regulator settings. It comes with an appealling design that also includes a lid to keep the cointainer closed when is it not being used.
75.00 €

Diamond Cosmetics Starter Kit Semilac

Starter Kit Semilac Starter Kit to apply and remove Semilac hybrid manicure. Contains: LED lamp 6V, Semilac BASE 7 ml, Semilac TOP 7 ml, Semilac color 7 ml, Nail Cleaner Pure 50 ml, liquid to remove the UV hybrid: Semilac Remover 50ml, foil wraps to remove UV hybrid 50 pcs., cotton pads 250 pcs., Semilac Striper, polishing block, 2 nail files.
40.00 €

Diamond Cosmetics UV-LED mini lampa 6W

6W LED UV lamp is manufactured for use in the gel varnishes and LED gel. LED lamp is a specialized user-programmed times to ensure accurate and complete use of the product. To turn on the lamp, plug adapter extender lamps and the rear feed unit socket. Later, press the button on top of the lamp. 2 lamp timer: 45.sek. and 60.sek. To set the timer to 45 seconds. press the button once. 60.sek. installation of timer press the button twice in a row. Insert the hand in the LED lamp timer and press the button to turn on the lamp. LED lamp is 6W and has about 5,000 hours of personal life. Highly pigmented colors need a longer drying time.