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1.70 €

Cettua Firming Eye Patch

DPHP & Adenosine help to reduce and control fine lines around your eye areas. DPHP makes your dry skin well moisturized. It can be used for eye, cheek, mouth, and forehead areas. No Paraben, No Fragrance, No Pigment Dermatologist Tested
1.70 €

Cettua My Bright Face Mate 1pcs

My Bright Face Mate - Brightening Patch is a specially formulated product, helps to brighten dark circles and spot under eyes and cheek area. As it is "Hydro Gel Patch" made with high technology of Transdermal Delivery System, it lengthen contact with the targeted area, ensures a continuous delivery of active ingredients.
0.90 €

Cettua Silky and Clear Nose Strip

New Cettua Silky and Clear Nose Strip with Witch Hazel (6 strips). ettua Silky & Clear Nose Strip is designed to remove dirt, oil and other pore clogging debris from the Nose areas with the adhesive properties of the moistened/activated strips. The strip adhesives to the dirt and oil in your pores and then they lifted away as you remove the strip. The result can be seen instantly as you remove the strip.