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8.35 €

Gehwol Balm For Dry Rough Skin 125 ml

Active Ingredients: Caring emulsion base of gentle skin lipids with lanolin, oils of rosemary and lavender, menthol, ferns, climbazole, aloe vera Cooling menthol and natural essential oils of rosemary and lavender have a soothing, refreshing effect. Tried and tested anti-microbial substances give lasting protection against foot odor. GEHWOL Balm for Dry Skin has a high content of soothing substances such as lanolin and avocado oil, which are kind to the skin. Rough, cracked skin becomes smooth, supple and resistant again.
7.20 €

Gehwol Hand Cream 75 ml

Moisturises, revitalises, protects and is easily absorbed. For daily use and intensive care of your hands. This hand cream consists of a special combination of ingredients including Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Tapioca Starch and Urea for the intensive care and protection of overstrained hands.
7.50 €

Gehwol Med Salve for Cracked Skin 75 ml

For persistent foot and nail problems. The salve is based on a well-tried mixture of special soaps and selected skin friendly oils. It is used best for severe hard skin, dry or rough skin, or very cracked skin. Helps protect against inflammation and symptoms linked with cracked skin. By regular use the skin will regain its natural elasticity and resistibility and will be protected.
8.50 €

GEHWOL Protective Nail and Skin Oil 15 ML

If the skin around the nails is dry and the nails are cracked and broken, GEHWOL Protective Nail and Skin Oil is ideal. Besides protecting against fungal infections with clotrimazole, it offers a rich treatment of wheat germ oil, panthenol, and Bisabolol to care for the skin and nails.the
22.50 €

GEHWOL Rosemary Bath Salt 1000g

Revitalizing rosemary bath - Cleanses, refreshes and revitalizes the skin Active Ingredients: Oil of rosemary, base of bath salts, triclosan, chloroxylenol A bath with GEHWOL Bath Salts cleanses softly and thoroughly, stimulates the circulation, revitalizes and strengthens the skin with the natural power of the oil of rosemary. The soothing substances are deeply absorbed into the pores and prevent excessive perspiration and odor.