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SERICAL produkcija tās ir īpašas matu kopšanas maskas no dabiskām vielām – burkāniem, linu sēklām, placentas un augļu mīkstuma. Lietojot masku mati kļūst zīdaini un spēcīgi, ka arī iegūs apjomu, norisinās daudzās problēmas, kuras ir saistītas ar krāsošanu un ķīmisko apstrādi. Produkts ir bagāts ar vitamīniem un minerāliem un ir paredzēts visiem matu tipiem. Intensīva struktūras atjaunošana ļaus viņiem izskatīties ideāli jebkurā situācijā.

Ar SERICAL matu kopšana paliek vel vieglāka!

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7.60 € 11.00 €

Serical Carrot and linseed oil cream. 1000ml.

The carrot oily extract is rich in nourishing substances: vitamins, proteins, organic acids and mineral salts. Combined with linseeds oil and some active substances contained in this after-shampoo treatment, it will leave your hair shiny, manageable and easy to style. It is recommended for greasy hair, especially if freguently washed.
7.60 € 11.00 €

SERICAL honey Hair Mask 1000 ml.

SERICAL HONEY HAIR MASK FOR FRAGILE AND CHEMICALLY TREATED HAIR 1000 ML. The biological effect of the mask tones and nourishes the hair, restores the natural shine of the hair. Use: after shampooing, apply to damp hair and leave on for a few minutes. For best results, leave the mask on for 15 minutes after shampooing.
7.60 € 11.00 €

Srical Al Latte – milk cream mask. 1000ml.

Thanks to milk proteins, this cream provides great nourishment for any type of hair, leaving it soft and revitalized. Ideal also for treated hair, weakened by bleaching, colouring and perms.
7.60 € 11.00 €

Serical Placenta - marrow and placenta hair treatment. 1000ml.

This special cream, rich of peptydes, vitamins and mineral salts which derivate from the wheat and the bambú pith, represents an excellent substitute for hair treatments with marrow and animal placenta. This special treatment leaves the hair soft and strong, and it is ideal to use on treated hair, as bleached, dyed and permed.
7.60 € 11.00 €

Serical The delicate fruits acids. 1000ml.

alpha hydroxy acids are biochemical substances of natural composition (deriving mainly both from fruits and vegetables). They enrich the optimal cosmetics formula of this treatment, leaving your hair soft and bright and easy to style. The pleasant sensation is increased by the exotic scent of the passion-flower.