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Discover the Art of Self-Care with Dandy's Barber Cosmetics

 Dandy is more than just a brand; it's a manifesto of male beauty and confidence. We are proud to present our exclusive collection of barber cosmetics, created for those who value quality and style in every detail.

 What Makes Dandy Special?

Innovative Formulas: We use the latest achievements in beauty science to ensure our products are effective and safe for your skin and hair.

 Natural Ingredients: Our products contain only the highest quality natural ingredients. Oils, extracts, and vitamins that care for your appearance and health.

 Exclusive Design: Each Dandy product is a combination of elegance and functionality. Our packaging not only protects the contents but also becomes a decoration for your bathroom.

 Our Collection

Beard Care Products: Oils, balms, and shampoos that make your beard soft, well-groomed, and fragrant.

Join the World of Dandy

We invite you to dive into the world of Dandy, where each product is a part of your unique style and lifestyle. Discover our collection and turn your daily care routine into a true pleasure.

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10.00 €

dandy water pomade 100ml

NIAMH DANDY WATER POMADE EXTREME SHINE Pomade - wax on water-based hair and beard 100 ml. Wonderful tool for a versatile glossy look, this product provides a long-lasting shape and highlights your style with an irresistible wet effect. Usage: apply a small amount of product to your hands and apply to dry or wet hair, followed by your choice.
10.00 €

dandy cream pomade 100ml

DANDY CREAM POMADE MATT FINISH Pomade - wax for hair and beard 100 ml. A revolutionary special modeling wax with a creamy texture, wonderful to give maximum shape and highlight hairstyle. Usage: apply a small amount of product to your hands and apply to dry or wet hair, followed by your choice.
8.00 €

dandy ultra fix hair spray 250ml

NIAMH DANDY HAIR SPRAY EXTRA DRY Ekstra sausa matu laka ar hialuronskābi un baobaba eļļu 300 ml. Brīnišķīgi der sarežģītu frizūru sasniegšanai, ilgstošai fiksācijai. Lakas speciālā ekstra sausa formula, tūlītēji izžūst. Nodrošina spēcīgu fiksāciju. Aktīvās sastāvdaļas aizsargā no cirtu veidošanas un mitruma. Lietošana: izsmidzināt sausos matos vai uz atsevišķām šķipsnām no 15-20 cm attāluma, lai sasniegtu vēlamo rezultātu. UZMANĪBU: Viegli uzliesmojošs likvīds. Sargāt no karstuma, karstām virsmām, dzirkstelēm, atklātas liesmas vai citiem aizdegšanas avotiem. Nesmēķēt. Neizsmidzināt uz atklātas liesmas. Pēc izlietošanas iepakojumu nededzināt un nepārdurt. Sargāt no saules gaismas. Nepakļaut temperatūrai, kas pārsniedz 50⁰C (120⁰F). Sargāt no bērniem. Neizsmidzināt acīs vai uz sakairinātas ādas. Ļaunprātīgi neieelpot. Lietot kā norādīts instrukcijā.
8.00 €

dandy black gel 150ml

Dandy Black Gel is a black coloring gel for head and beard hair. The gel contains a special black tint to color gray and dull hair.
9.00 €

dandy beard cleanser 100ml

Dandy Beard Cleanser is a beard cleanser for all types of beards that leaves a pleasant woody scent
6.60 €


Coloring cream for men DANDY without ammonia 1:1 60 ml. Preparation: Always use appropriate disposable gloves when preparing and applying Dandy Hair Color. Colors can only be mixed with 10Vol. (3%) oxidants, in a 1:1 ratio. Pour 30 ml of color activator into a special container and add 30 ml of cream paint. Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency. Application: apply the color to dry, unwashed hair with a brush. When coloring for the first time, apply to the roots, the entire length and ends of the hair. Leave for 5-10 min., then rinse with a large amount of water until the color is completely washed off. Wash your hair with a special shampoo. Instructions: observe the curing time of the paint. If kept longer, the hair tone may become too intense. Re-dyeing: first apply to the roots of the hair, then move to the entire length and finally to the ends of the hair. Leave, maximum, for 5-10 min. Rinse and wash with a special shampoo. Do not use metal objects, combs. Precautions: The cream contains diaminebenzene, diaminotoluene, phenylenediamine, resorcinol. For professional use only. Do not use the color in case of inflammation of the scalp or in case of sensitive skin, which may cause an allergic reaction. Temporary black henna tattoos can cause an allergic reaction. We recommend performing a 48-hour test to determine skin sensitivity. Do not use for coloring eyelashes and eyebrows. If color gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water.