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9.70 €

Balck Ultra Strong Hairspray 750 ml.

Professional, salon quality Lacca Hairspray provides long lasting shine and healthier looking hair. Strong Fixing hair spray with long lasting hold. Excellent protection against humidity. Does not weight hairstyle down and can be easily removed by brushing, leaving no residue. How to use: spray on dry hair from a distance of 30 cm.
8.00 €

Black Chokolate and keratin balancing shampoo. 500 ml.

Formulated with cocoa extract and keratin, cleanses and nourishes hair from roots to ends. The cocoa extract protects hair against free radicals and keratin deeply nourishes and moisturizes. Restores hair balance, making it flexible and healty.
6.95 €

Black Acqua gel. 200 ml.

This is a gel with a liquid formula that allows the hairstyle to be defined quickly and easily; suitable for all hair types.
8.50 €

Black Anti-Dandruff Mask 500 ml.

Suggested for: Skin subject to exfoliation Effect: Anti-dandruff .How to use: Wash carefully the hair then apply a sufficient amount of product in proportion to the hair length Leave in for a few minutes then rinse Two active principles against the dandruff: Climbazole a molecule with strong anti-dandruff activity highly effective and well tolerated by the skin and Piroctone Olamine which reduces a tendency towards excessively exfoliating the scalp.
9.50 €

Black Anti-Dandruff shampoo 500 ml

Shampoo with anti-dandruff and skin purifying activity, eliminates dandruff particles that are already present and prevents their further formation.
8.90 €

Black Anti-Giallo Yellow Stop Conditioner 500ml

Yellow stop conditioner enriched with direct pigments that permits to eliminate the undesired yellow reflections due to the photo-oxidation phenomenon. It acts in a delicate way on the structure of white and blond hair, giving them extreme shine and brightness.
9.50 €

Black Balsamo Bifase. 200 ml.

The special two-phase formula has a simultaneous conditioning and volumizing action, nourishing with vitamin that are essential for beautiful, healty hair. Untahgles and repair, creating a silky shine without weighing down the hair. Adds body and volume, guaranteeing maximum manageability and hold during styling.
8.70 €

Black Balsamo Neutro. 500ml.

Specific for frequent washing. Its formula ensures gentle cleansing of the hair and scalp, without altering the natural pH. The hair remains softer, suppler and easy to comb. A new extra gentle cleansing formula based on a surfactant whose non-aggressive action ensures gentle washing of the hair and scalp.
18.00 €

Black Bleaching powder. 500gr.

Product formulated with non-volatile powder and researched to obtain “natural” and uniform decoloring. Its formula rich in selected ingredients is recommended for all techniques: highlights, streaks, bleaching, special effects and decoloring. Thanks to the light blue pigment contained, it prevents the color changing into yellow-orange tones and gives more light to bleaching. It is mixed with 5 – 1
8.00 €

Black Chocolate and keratin restructing mask. 500ml.

Formulated with cocoa extract and keratin, acts deeply, disentangles and disciplines hair, bringing intense softness without weighing hair down. The active princeples penetrate the hair fibre, restoring brightness and vitality. Visibly enhances combing and thanks to its light texture it is suitable for daily use.
6.50 €

BLACK Diamond Drops Shining Spray 300 ml

Black spray for shine. The game is intended for use at the end of packing. The toolgives shine and softness to hair. Use: Apply a small amount to complete thehairstyle.
5.50 €

BLACK Express Beauty Dry Shampoo 200 ml.

BLACK Express Beauty Dry Shampoo 200 ml. Dry shampoo with argan oil and keratin. Contains rise starch is known for its absorbent properties. Starch was absorbed and dries the sebaceous glands, which gives the hair a clean and tidy look. The hair stays cleaner, lighter and softer. This wonderful tool helps prevent frequent hair washing. An indispensable tool for the lack of time in the case. Especially suitable for hair on the forehead and deodorizing individual strands of hair, which quickly gets dirty. Use: Shake well before use. Spray means of a few centimeters away, evenly Apply to the hair roots. Leave for 2-3 minutes, then carefully comb your hair. This is an easy and practical way to quickly freshen the appearance of hair without washing your hair if necessary and a new hair styling
10.00 €

Black Extra strong HAIRSPRAY 750 ml.

Ecological hairspray with no propellant gas. Thanks to the particular fixing, it grants a very high performance and is the ideal instrument for a demanding hairdresser. Absolutely necessary as final support for hairstyles with exeptional volume and shine. Excellent to fashion and design waves and locks. Available both in Normal and Extra Strong type.
7.50 €

Black Flash Meches. 250 ml.

Toning decoloring powder that allows both natural and colored hair to be lightened and colored at the same time. Very effective for obtaining highlights with a remarkable time saving, also allowing different shades of color to be created on top.
9.00 €

Black Fluid crystal. 100 ml.

Beauty cosmetic treatment for hair, with shining action, ideal to cover unpleasant split-ends effect.
10.50 €

Black Foaming neutralizing. 1000 ml.

A foaming neutralizing setting liquid for cold perm, whose formulation has, been studied to obtain on effective neutralizing action and at the same time to carry out a conditioning action and to give volume to the hair. Leaves hair soft, shining and easier to comb.
8.70 €

Black Hair loss prevention shampoo. 500 ml.

Shampoo with revitalizing and strengthening action. The Placenta and Panthenol extracts make this shampoo particularly indicated for weakened and thin hair tending to fall.
15.50 €

Black Hair-loss Prevention vials. 12x10 ml.

The placental extracts with panthenol contribute to reducing hair loss already after a few weeks of treatment.Complete system which makes use of 2 specific products:• SHAMPOO The placental and panthenol extracts contained, make the shampoo particularly suitable for weak and fine hair that tends to fall out.• VIALS The two active ingredients, placental extract and pro-vitamin B in panthenol, exert
11.00 €

Black Light Perm. 500 ml.

A new, innovative prem solutien that gives an elastic curl and a perfect, long-lasting wave,leaving hair soft and fragrant. Its special formula gives vitality and volume to particularly fine hair without damaging it.
8.00 €

Black Mousse EQUAL Mousse. 400 ml.

A hair restructuring mousse with ceramides which regenrates and protects all hair types. Essential to treat damages caused by external agents, such as sun, wind and saltiness. It also protects the hair from becoming electrified and grants, volume, brightness, silkiness, and long-lasting hairstyle. Shake well before using.