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Black Foaming neutralizing. 1000 ml.

10.50 €
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Description: A foaming neutralizing setting liquid for cold perm, whose formulation has, been studied to obtain on effective neutralizing action and at the same time to carry out a conditioning action and to give volume to the hair. Leaves hair soft, shining and easier to comb.

Instruction: Pour the necessary quantity of the product into a plastic applicator-bottle with spout. After the exposure time of the curling liquid, rinse hair throughly with likewarm water; towel the excessive quantity of water, slightly shake the applicator-bottle and apply the neutralizing setting liquid onto every lock. Apply the neutralizer curler  bu curler and leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then untoll the curles, add some more neutralizing liquid , massage the hair with care and let it act for a further 10 minutes. The neutralizing liquid has to be left on for the same exposure time of the curling liquid ( 15-20 minutes). Rinse hair throughly, wash with a normal shampoo and proceed with hair set. Warning: contains, hydrogen peroxide. By contact with eyes, rinse immediately and abundontly with water and consult a doctor. Do not apply onto irritated scalp or scalp suffering from pathologies. May cause allergic reactions. Keep out of reach of children. Wear proper gloves. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, nostrils and other delicate parts. Keep thw cap well sealed. External use -for professional use only.

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