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18.60 €

Wella professionals EIMI Shape Shift 150ml

Create defined or disheveled looks with this elastic moulding gum that adds shine and UV protection. How to use: Use a generous amount, work between your fingers, then sculpt your hair to shape, define or dishevel your style.
14.45 €

Wella professionals EIMI Stay Styled 300 ml

Craft and finish any style with this strong versatile spray. Formulated to help protect hair from the effects of humidity, UV and heat. How to use: Hold at arm‘s length, spray evenly to set or work the hair.
2.77 €

Wella professionals EIMI Take Shape 18ml

Get perfect structure on any voluminous look. Formulated to help protect from heat. How to use: Shake well before use. Distribute the entire capsule on damp hair and apply from root to end. Set with rollers. Once dry, massage scalp to free the structured shape, and brush thoroughly to form final style.
17.34 €

Wella professionals EIMI Texture Touch 75ml

Rework your style throughout the day with this matte defining clay. Formulated with minerals and beeswax for hold and flexibility. How to use: Rub a small amount in your palms until evenly distributed, then sculpt into dry hair. Shape and rework as often as you want.
15.24 €

Wella professionals EIMI Thermal Image 150ml

Help protect your hair whilst using hot tools with this 2 phase spray. Phase 1 formulated to nourish the hair and to protect it from heat up to 220°C. Phase 2 smoothens your hair for a flawless shiny result. How to use: Shake well and spray section by section at arm‘s length onto dry hair before heat styling.
19.21 €

Wella professionals EIMI Bold Move 150ml

Create casually textured styled with this light hold matte paste. Formulated with Brazilian Carnauba wax. How to use: Rub a small amount in hands, then manipulate into dry hair to design your desired shape.
18.91 €

Wella professionals EIMI Boost Bounce 300ml

Boost your curls with added shine, definition and frizz reduction. Formulated to help protect your hair against dehydration whilst blow drying. How to use: Shake, spray, volumise. Apply evenly on damp hair. Let air dry or use the diffuser to get creative curls.
18.26 €

Wella professionals EIMI Flexible Finish 250ml

Spray and play: craft, move and manipulate then get optimum light fix on flexible styles. Formulated to help protect against UV and heat. How to use: Spray and create your style. Apply evenly into dry hair and manipulate your hair before the spray dries and sets.
18.54 €

Wella professionals EIMI Flowing Form 100ml

Create luxurious smoothness with flexible control and natural movement. Formulated to reduce frizz and help protect your hair against dehydration whilst using hot tools. How to use: Apply 2-5 pumps and work thoroughly through the midlengths and ends. Blow dry with a brush. For extra smooth results, finish with styling iron.
21.97 €

Wella professionals EIMI Grip Cream 75ml

Create and manipulate distinctive styles with definition on long or short hair with this soft texture cream. Formulated with Brazilian Carnauba wax for strong yet flexible support. How to use: Rub a small amount in your hands until evenly distributed. Apply on dry hair through the mid-lengths and ends to tame, separate and shape your style.
17.77 €

Wella professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz 150ml

Create undone beachy texture with this natural mineral salt spray that helps protect hair against dehydration and UV damage. How to use: Spray into dry or slightly damp hair, then scrunch or shape your beach style using your fingers. For even more chunky texture, blow dry after shaping.
25.14 €

Wella professionals EIMI Pearl Styler 150 ml

Create strong flexible hold and teasable texture with pearl gloss shine. Formulated to help protect hair from the effects of UV. How to use: Distribute 1-2 pumps into your palms, then work into dry hair to texturize or tousle your style. For extra lift in short hair, work into wet hair and blow dry.
19.35 €

Wella professionals EIMI Perfect Me 100ml

Create natural style with smoothness with this delicate lotion that adds shine, repairs, moisturizes, tames flyaways and protects from the heat of styling tools. How to use: Pamper, perfect, protect. Caress a small amount of product on mid-lengths and ends on damp or dry hair for a luxurious feel. Style as you wish.
15.98 €

Wella professionals EIMI Perfect Setting 150ml

Set voluminous structure with perfect shine. Formulated to provide the right balance of care and heat protection whilst blow drying. How to use: Spray evenly on damp hair. Roll the hair around your brush in sections and blow dry.
20.55 €

Wella professionals EIMI Root Shoot 200ml

Perfect root lift is only a shot away with this mousse designed for precision application. How to use: Shake, shoot, volumise. Apply on damp hair directly on the roots and blow dry as you wish.
18.58 €

Wella professionals EIMI Rugged Texture 75ml

Texturize your look with this matte paste to give your hair a rugged effect with strong definition. How to use: Manipulate with your palms into dry hair to shape and texturize rugged looks with a matte finish.