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Frenchi Therapeutical 7 nail complex

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Description: Therapeutical “Complex 7” is the most effective preparation of a general therapeutical and hardening effect. It is good for any nail type. If the nail plate develops with structural damages (change in a nail form, sizes and condition) it leads to a decrease in its elasticity – in this case the preparation is indispensable. A longstanding scientific research and testing on volunteers have led to development of a special formula of a deep effect on the nail bed (base), a hardening effect (hardener), growth stimulation (stimulator), a hydrating effect on a nail plate (conditioner), special coating (coating), ultra-gloss (gloss) as well as speedy drying. A delicately balanced combination of (on the level of cellular structures) vitamins of groups B and E, natural components and addictives: aloe, calcium, ginseng, soy protein will strengthen the nail body cell walls, increase their resistance to a harmful effect of such exterior factors as water, household chemistry and etc. Vitamin E hydrates nails, stimulates cell renewal, increases the nail growth, and prevents yellowness formation. Your nails will look different in several weeks. They will become flexible, natural and strong. The multipurpose preparation“Complex 7” is certainly one of the best among nail hardeners.

Instruction: Apply 2 coats of Complex 7 to clean, dry and polish-free nails for 2 consecutive days. On day 3 remove the formula using Frenchi’s nail polish remover. Repeat the treatment cycle for 2-3 weeks to see long lasting results. After this cycle, allow nails to “rest” from treatment for at least 3 weeks.

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