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6.95 €

Frenchi CUTICLE REMOVER effective, speedy formula with vitamins A and E, henna, aloe and blue marine algae essence.

It is a new age preparation in “Smart Enamel” collection. A delicately balanced combination of natural components and vitamins helped to create an effective and speedy formula which removes the cuticle without special cosmetic tools which can damage the nail wall and the nail bed base. Sodium hydroxide deadens the skin parts in the cuticle which helps to remove it without pain, vitamins A and E so
4.80 €

Frenchi Gel Structurant For Nails with vitamin B5 and calcium

It is a special preparation for thin and fragile nails. It is developed for making the horny tissue of the nail plate thick and hard. Covering it with a thick layer (due to viscous concentration), the preparation hardens the nail body, as well as prevents the nail surface from fractures and splits. A scientifically developed formula of the preparation combined with a delicately balanced combinatio
5.50 €

Frenchi Hydrating Gel Hardener with calcium, keratin, vitamin E, ascorbic acid and soy protein

The preparation “Hydrating GEL HARDENER” is one of the new age dry nails preparations. In contrast to skin, a nail practically does not contain water-forming substances. That is why a very important criterion of nail health is the hydrating level. The preparation restores this level, making the nail plate more flexible, strong and elastic, increases resistance of fragile, weak, and susceptible to
8.00 €

Frenchi Innovative Nail Hardner with Keratin, Bioenergizer and vitamins B5, A, E.

“Innovative Nail Hardener” has been developed by Frenchi Products, Inc as a product for the next generation of nail care. This is the first product within the “Smart Enamel” Collection using the latest technological advances by using nanotechnology. While keeping the traditional uses and top quality of the original “Nail Hardener” the unique formula for this product allows for much quicker and con
3.50 €

Frenchi Lacquered nails color intensifer with vitamins A and E

The upper coating is the finishing stroke which helps to preserve your manicure giving to it gloss, shining and charm. Corporation «Frenchi Products, Inc.» offers an effective preparation which will give rich and deep color to a bright and saturated lacquer on your nails. The preparation is ideal for “reanimation” of a faded manicure. Vitamins A and E will make the nail plate more flexible, elasti
7.00 €

Frenchi Nail hardener with B5 and A vitamins

The most popular, effective, indispensable preparation for hardening thin and weakened nails. The preparation is universal and can be used in therapeutical purposes (for rare exception) for any nail type. A high quality product together with a delicately balanced combination of vitamins B5, A, collagen and silk protein restores the natural strength and elasticity of a nail plate, prevents dehydrat
6.50 €

Frenchi Peeling Nail Rejuvenator

Designed for the nail in which the layers of nail tissue separate, lift and peel. Repairs the bonds between the natural vertical fibers of the nail. Rough, ragged nails become smooth, even after the removal of acrylic enhancements. With natural Garlic Extract for adhesion and Silk Amino Acids for flexibility and resilience.
3.60 €

Frenchi Super Base Coat

This smoothing, strengthening formula perfects the nail surface to maximize perfect polish adhesion for a gorgeous, long-lasting manicure. Natural minerals – Ceramic Powder, ancient Dead Sea Salts, and vitamins—blend to fill in the tiny gaps surface gaps which may mar the visual effect of polish, as well as weaken the nail. Corrects visible and invisible flaws, builds strength for an immaculate fi
4.80 €

Frenchi SUPER-PROTECTIVE COATING with vitamins A and E

Every day our nails suffer from stress, hostile ecology, vitamin deficit, harmful mechanical and chemical impact which can lead to different problems with nails. To solve these problems a new indispensable preparation “Super-protective coating” has been created. New super-protective coating will prevent your nails from destructive effect of cleaning agents and washing powders, prevent nails from c
9.00 €

Frenchi Therapeutical 7 nail complex

Therapeutical “Complex 7” is the most effective preparation of a general therapeutical and hardening effect. It is good for any nail type. If the nail plate develops with structural damages (change in a nail form, sizes and condition) it leads to a decrease in its elasticity – in this case the preparation is indispensable. A longstanding scientific research and testing on volunteers have led to de
4.20 €

Frenchi Therapeutical cuticle oil with beta-carotene, vitamins A and E

It is impossible to imaging an attractive manicure without an elastic, well-groomed, carefully treated cuticle. The cuticle around the nail has a very important role – it is a natural skin barrier preventing the nail from infections and damages. Wrong treatment and removal of the cuticle may injure the nail plate and lead to damages and inflammatory processes in the near-nail skin – cuticle. The p
4.80 €

Frenchi Tough Nain Builder with vitamin A and alpha-fruit acid

It is a good preparation for damaged nails “repair”. It restores chapped as well as split off from the nail parts, thickens and hardens the nails. Alpha-fruit acid enriches the nail plate with vitamins, hydrates, removes and prevents peeling of the nail scales, prevents the age-related nail changes. A specially balanced formula will prevent your nails from mycosis, give them natural elasticity and