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6.59 €


Styling hair is a complex and time-consuming process, and it’s not something that every beauty can do. But you want your hair to look good, no matter if it’s windy outside or other weather has taken over. To try and shorten the time of your hairstyling, making it as efficient as possible and a true pleasure, Ollin Style normal wax will be the help you’re looking for. Thoughtful formula in a few seconds will fix even unruly and curly hair, preserving its original appearance throughout the day. Vitamins and microelements will nourish hair and will create a protective barrier around the hair, minimizing the negative influences from the outside. This wax will be perfect to use on short hair, giving your hairstyle a more texturized look and giving a new life to lifeless and dull hair. Ollin Style normal wax will be your secret of perfection. Application: Heat up a little bit of the wax between the palms of your hands and apply to dry hair. Style your hair per your desires.
4.59 €


Daily visits to a salon are kind of impossible, but we all want to change our style sometimes, play with the form and texture of our hair. You can do it all in the comfort of your own home with Ollin Style wet effect gel. Create unique styles, give your hair a trendy look. Wet effect look is trending nowadays after all. No need for expensive in salon hairstyles, if you’re ready to learn and experiment, you can create whatever you want. Gel has a viscous consistency and is easily distributed over the hair, doesn’t weigh the hair down and doesn’t glue it together. After application, if you so want, you can use a diffuser and give your hair some nice curls, smashing the strands in your hand. Just couple seconds and you have a new style! This get has a medium hold that will makes sure that your hair holds, but it will also nourish it and moisturize it. Application: Apply onto dry or damp hair and style your hair to your desires.
4.59 €


Often, when choosing the perfect everyday styling product, women have to face a difficult choice: reliable hold that will make sure that your hairstyle holds until the ends of the day, or a natural hold that won’t have any stickiness. Ollin Style ultra-strong gel can give you both, without making you compromise on your appearance or comfort! This gel has a very pleasant, thick consistency, which easily flows over your hair, dries quickly, doesn’t make your hair heavy and doesn’t glue hair strands together. This gel will be perfect for the owners of short hair that want to try out new things, or even long-haired beauties that want to try accentuating their hair strands in ways they haven’t tried before. Thanks to its ultra-strong hold, gel will make sure your hair will stay in place no matter if its rainy or windy, so no worries about looking like a clown. Application: Apply onto dry or wet hair and style it to your desires.
9.69 €


When you style your hair, you don’t style it with the intention or thought that it will be gone in an hour or two. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. But you can’t expect to style your hair in some crazy forms and for it to hold all day long. For that to happen, you might need to try put a hairspray. The perfect way to make sure your hair stays in place is with Ollin Style strong hairspray. Formula is made from high-quality components, so it won’t damage your hair structure or the health of it. Hairspray can be easily distributed over the entire hair, without gluing or making it heavy. It dries super quickly do won’t take a long time for the hold to set in. Application: Shake before application and the spray from a distance of 30cm.
9.69 €


For a modern woman perfect hairstyle is a very important attribute in everyday life. The fairer sex spends a lot of time and effort on making their hair beautiful and unique, emphasizing their natural beauty or accentuating it. But one thing that we don’t want to worry about after all that is, if our hairstyle is going to stay that way. With Ollin Style ultra-strong hairspray, you won’t have to worry about anything. Style your hair as you want it, then spray this magic hairspray and your hair will stay perfect all-day long. Formula is very light and won’t weigh down or glue together the hair. It doesn’t matter where you use it, be it at a salon or at home, it will be effective anywhere you want it to be. This hairspray falls evenly onto the hair, guaranteeing a secure hold no matter if it’s windy or rainy. Your style will be impeccable no matter what. Application: Shake before use, spray from a distance of 30cm.
4.49 €


What do women really want from their daily hairstyling? A reliable hold that will make sure that your hairstyle will stay perfect all day long, not just flop at first chance it has. A natural finish, that doesn’t glue the hair together or make it look fake. At first glance, that’s just too much to ask out of one product, but Ollin Style lotion-spray can deliver it all without you asking. This spray has a volumizing effect, giving your hair a soft volume, excellent shine and thanks to its medium hold, hair will look fluffy, light and natural, yet at the same time it will stay in place for a long time. The spray doesn’t accumulate onto the hair, doesn’t make it dirty and is easily removed just with simple combing. Application: Spray onto clean, towel-dried hair and continue with hairstyling.
6.59 €


Hair – it’s not the only luxurious decoration a woman can possess, but it’s also a way to let them express themselves. Creating a different variety of hairstyles, a woman can demonstrate her vivid personality and unsurpassed sense of style, which will be unique to her alone. Ollin Style matte wax is a unique styling too that reliably locks your hairstyle in the desired position and allows you to create even the most complex hairstyles. This wax help strengthening the roots, giving them an additional volume, and thanks to its soft and elastic consistency, it prevents damage to the structure of the hair. Wax has a true matte effect and will provide an all day long hold. Application: Heat up a little bit of the wax between the palms of your hands and apply to dry hair. Style your hair per your desires.
6.09 €


When you know what you like but don’t get the wanted results, you try and find something else. Well, Ollin Style medium hold mousse can be a perfect partner into styling your hair and getting the hold at the same time. Precise work for when you just want to put a tiny accent, or when you want to style your whole head. Formula consists of microparticles that ensure medium hold, helping to hold your hairstyle as long as possible. Mousse doesn’t glue the hair together or make it heavy, so it will be perfect for voluminous looks too. It helps protect the hair from aggressive environmental factors or thermal effects, hair will be protected no matter what. Application: Apply the mousse onto clean, towel-dried hair. Continue with hairstyling.
10.99 €


Beautiful and impeccable hair is a huge part of any attractive style. If you want people to be impressed about the way you look, turning their heads to just be able to catch a glimpse of your look, you need to choose something appropriate for your hair. To make people look at you, you need to properly cleans your hair and use appropriate styling products. Have you considered using a shine spray? Cause Ollin Style shine spray can be the perfect addition on how to make your hair look more appealing. Shine spray is the last stage in your hairstyling. It doesn’t visually overload your hair, but it does make it shinier, lighter and fives it a more natural look, more natural glow to it. Thanks to UV filters and jojoba oil, your hair will be protected from the harmful rays and spray will be suitable even for colored hair, not letting your hair color fade as fast. Application: Spray onto dry hair from a distance of 20cm. Can be used on wet hair to facilitate combing of the hair.
7.59 €


Regular hairstyling and especially the use of different appliances and styling products, can be detrimental to the condition and look of your hair. Ollin Style thermos-protective spray can help you keep up with your hairs healthy and amazing appearance. This spray will help protect your hair from straightening irons and if you really want to, from curling irons too. Special formula isn’t only there to protect your hair, it will also help restore the damaged structures of the hair, making your hair more obedient, denser, smoother and looking much healthier. Thanks to the sprays various effects, your hair will be less confused and will be easier to comb, right before you style it to your wants. Wheat and silk proteins will give the hair an amazing brilliance and shine, enriching it with nutritional vitamins and microelements. Application: Thoroughly spray onto damp hair and do not rinse. Continue with hairstyling.