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10.45 €


If you are a happy owner of curly hair, then you know that for your curls to look beautiful, you need to emphasize them, not just let them do what they want and go where they want. An excellent product to emphasize the beauty of your locks is Indola Setting curl cream. It’s designed to support your curls, make them more elastic and attractive in every situation. Using this cream, you can make all kinds of hairstyles, romantic or business, it’s universal for all your images. Take care of your hair while preserving its natural beauty. This cream has a soft and creamy texture that can be very easily applied to the hair. It doesn’t weight the hair down, but it does ensure a greater curl definition and control. It forms an invisible film on the hair that protects it against possible damages and a UV-filter as part of the Pixel Technology helps to protect against UV-rays. Application: Apply the cream onto towel dried hair and the leave it to dry naturally.
9.95 €


Creating luxurious hairstyles is unthinkable without appropriate products. Maybe you’ve found your line of products, maybe you’re looking for one. But, can we interest you in Indola styling products? Some hairstyles can be imagines without it, but some need something like a mousse for the perfect hair styling. Indola Setting strong mousse helps getting you that styling and also at the same time fixes the result in a strong hold. The mousse will give the hair a natural appearance, without the usual glued together look. The mousses formula is enriched with vitamins and plant extracts that gently nourishes and moisturizes the hair, leaving your hair fixated but shiny and healthy, the prime example of beauty. Application: Apply to damp hair and the move on to styling. The mousse can also be used on dry hair for more texture.
10.45 €


For women who want a light and natural style Indola Finish flexible hair spray will be their go to product. This spray is easy to use and will make natural looking hair styles, even if you just want to use it on separate strands or the whole hair style. It’s perfect for any hair type or any style. Well, maybe not the extreme ones, but definitely the natural looking ones. This spray doesn’t make the hair stick together and doesn’t weigh it down, so don’t worry that your hair might look like it’s been drenched in glue, it won’t. We can promise you that much. Delivers natural-looking hold even in humid weather, it is designed to give your style effortlessly beautiful staying power whilst a UV-filter contained in the Pixel Technology helps to protect against UV-rays. Application: Spray the elastic hair spray from a distance of 15 cm, to fixate separate strands, from 30 cm to fixate the whole hair style.
10.50 €


Making beautiful hair styles and then making sure they stay that way for a long time, is an important part of every woman’s routine, especially on the important occasions. An excellent product to help you hold your hair all day long is Indola Finish strong lacquer. It can help you fixate separate hair stands or even the whole hair style. The decision on what to do with it is in your hands. This spray is perfect for any hair type or hairstyle, even for the unruly hair that doesn’t know what to do with itself. Finish of your style with this spray and let the eyes of admiration wander over you. This fast-drying, micro-fine lacquer provides maximum style control and is ingeniously designed to give long-lasting shape that can be brushed out easily whilst a UV-filter contained in the Pixel Technology helps to protect against UV-rays. Application: Spray the strong lacquer from a distance of 15 cm, to fixate separate strands, from 30 cm to fixate the whole hair style.
9.95 €


Beautiful curls can make every woman’s image much more appealing and captivating. However, if you don’t take care of your curls, they might look sloppy and the same as every other unruly hair. To make your hairstyle more pleasing to the eyes, you might need Indola Finish smooth serum. That will smooth out any flyaways, leaving no space for static. The serums anti-static control makes the perfect way to control hair and give it that healthy look and shine. This serum is perfect for any hair type, even for the curly wurly kind. It will significantly improve the look of your hair, making it smoother, softer and silkier. Treat your hair the way it deserves and maybe it will give you the attention of others you sometimes desire. Application: Work small amount through towel-dried or dry hair avoiding the roots.
9.95 €


With the help of hairstyling, you can make your hair look beautiful and capturing for a dinner date, or even serious and professional for a business lunch. To make your hair stay the way you shaped it, you need something like Indola Finish gel spray. This gel-spray guarantees long-lasting fixation and can be used to create strong hold and volume, making sure it looks natural and not fake at all. Create and fix your style with this super smart styler delivering long-lasting hold in the quick drying format of a spray. A UV-filter as part of the Pixel Technology helps to protect against UV-rays. Application: Apply to wet or dry hair and shape it the way you want it. To fixate separate strands, spray from 15 cm. To fixate the whole hairstyle, spray from 25 cm.
9.95 €


For lovers of beachy looks salt spray must be their go to products, and when you try Indola Texture salt spray, you won’t be able to find any better than it. This salt spray helps creating soft volume, providing excellent grip between hair strands, making sure your hair stays the way you styled it. The bonus point is that the spray will provide a matte effect, without disturbing the natural texture. This salts sprays formula allows to create careless but flawless styles that will be appropriate to any beach or casual daily wear. Application: Spray on wet or dry hair, twist strands of hair and squeeze them with your hands. Dry naturally or with a hair dryer, up to you.
9.95 €


Voluminous hairstyles have always been popular. Just look at the 70s and 80s crazy hairstyles! But, it all depends on you on what you want to do with your hair. Make it subtle volume, make it enormous volume with Indola Texture volumising powder. It will give an amazing volume to thin hair and even more volume for thick hair. Imagine the possibilities! This powder instantly raises the hair, giving the hair that volume and allowing to finally style your perfect hairstyle. Using this powder will give the hair a nice texture, volume and a matt finish. Not only will it do that in the moment of application, but the formula will allow you to hold that hairstyle along the day. No swimming with your poof though. Application: Apply to dry or damp hair.
9.95 €


Sometimes we don’t have time for thorough hair cleansing. That’s when dry shampoos come in handy, but most of them leave nasty residues or don’t dry that quickly. With Indola Style Reviver dry shampoo, you don’t have to worry about those problems. It acts as any shampoo, just without the water, saving you time on those frequent hair washes. Dry shampoos are essential for people that are busy or travel around. This product will absorb all the oils, cleaning your hair fast and adding a little bit of volume. A UV-filter as part of the Pixel Technology helps to protect against UV-rays. Application: Shake well before use. Spray onto hair form a distance of 20cm, directing the nozzle at the hair roots. Use shorts bursts of the spray. IF the hair id very long, spray the shampoo to allocated parts. Allow it to dry and then comb it through. Style the hair as desired.
9.95 €


No matter how stylish and beautiful your hair looks, to stay that way you’ll need help of something more to stay that way. For example, a gel. In this case Indola moulding gel. It’s very manageable and easy to style your hair with, but be careful to do it timely, once it dries it is set! It’s non-sticky and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening on your head. At least not until your next hair wash. Just don’t abuse these possibilities! Your hair needs to be washed at the least weekly. Application: Apply on towel-dried or dry hair and style as desired.
9.95 €


Most waxes come in strong holds, but sometimes we just need something that helps you hold your hair lightly but naturally, help you style it but guarantee that your style stays for the day. Maybe Indola Texture wax is your answer. It’s light on the hair but it makes the hair easy to shape under your fingers. The wax will be a trustworthy assistant in making and holding even the most creative hairstyles. It easily slides through hair, ensuring that it’s evenly spread through all hair, without any build up. As part of the formula, was will protect hair from the external influences and UV rays, thanks to the Pixel technology. Application: Apply wax on dry or slightly damp hair. Then distribute the product on the hair and style per your desires.
9.95 €


If you like wet hair look, well this product will definitely not for you, but if you enjoy matt, then you definitely can’t walk past this cream-wax. Indola Rough Up cream-wax guarantees extremely matt and rough looks with great control. Thanks to the Pixel technology, with UV filter, your hair will be protected from big bad UV rays. This cream-wax has a light consistency, can be easily applied and distributed through hair, no matter if it’s short or medium length. It’s invisible on the surface but very much visible in the effects, no stickiness and no weighting the hair down, just perfect hold and matt effect. After the application your hair will be perfectly styled and have a nice smell, leaving you happy with a happy mood for the whole day. Application: Apply the cream-wax onto dry hair and style it.
10.50 €


Quick hairstyling can be essential in times where time matters. We all can’t receive the help of professional every day, all the time. Even though we wish we could have one at all times. Indola Setting blow-dry spray can help you professionally dry your hair, fast and efficient. The spray makes hair drying and combing much easier, it smooths out hair, detangles it and then also protects it against heat. Create fashionable looks faster than you’ve ever done it before, but don’t leave it all to the last minute, looking good takas time, and, if it’s important, the way you look can be crucial. Spray can be easily applied to the hair, providing a light hold and protecting against blow-dryer heat. A UV-filter as part of the Pixel Technology helps to protect against UV-rays. Application: Simply spray on damp hair before drying, comb through and your hair will dry much faster.
12.65 €


Daily styling using various hot tools has a destructive effect on the structure of hair, leading to hair being dry and extra brittle. Protect your hair from those damages with the help of a professional product Indola Setting thermal protector spray. It neutralizes the harmful effects of high temperature styling, and promotes safe and effective straightening with a flat iron or beautiful curls with the help of a curling iron. This thermal protector spray helps to protect and to keep moisture when styling up to 220°C with irons or tongs for a silky soft finish. A UV-filter as part of the Pixel Technology helps to protect against UV-rays. Application: Apply from a distance of 30 cm before using a hairdryer or flat iron.