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Frenchi Nail hardener with B5 and A vitamins

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Description: The most popular, effective, indispensable preparation for hardening thin and weakened nails. The preparation is universal and can be used in therapeutical purposes (for rare exception) for any nail type. A high quality product together with a delicately balanced combination of vitamins B5, A, collagen and silk protein restores the natural strength and elasticity of a nail plate, prevents dehydrating, favors healthy nail growth.The nails get a healthy strong look. In in 14 days you will be pleased with the first results: a newly-grown nail edge as well as a nail surface will look natural. And a 4-week course of application of this preparation will make your nails strong and attractive for a long time. You will see – the results will not make you wait.

Instruction: Apply 1-2 coats to dry, clean nails. Re-apply for 4 more days without removing previously applied coats. On day 6, remove all coats of nail hardener with Frenchi’s nail polish remover and let your nails rest for several days. For best results repeat the treatment as described above for 4 weeks. Nail Hardener can then be used as a base coat, for preventative care.

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