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8.90 €

Black Anti-Giallo Yellow Stop Conditioner 500ml

Yellow stop conditioner enriched with direct pigments that permits to eliminate the undesired yellow reflections due to the photo-oxidation phenomenon. It acts in a delicate way on the structure of white and blond hair, giving them extreme shine and brightness.
9.50 €

Black Balsamo Bifase. 200 ml.

The special two-phase formula has a simultaneous conditioning and volumizing action, nourishing with vitamin that are essential for beautiful, healty hair. Untahgles and repair, creating a silky shine without weighing down the hair. Adds body and volume, guaranteeing maximum manageability and hold during styling.
8.70 €

Black Balsamo Neutro. 500ml.

Specific for frequent washing. Its formula ensures gentle cleansing of the hair and scalp, without altering the natural pH. The hair remains softer, suppler and easy to comb. A new extra gentle cleansing formula based on a surfactant whose non-aggressive action ensures gentle washing of the hair and scalp.
9.80 €

Black Balsamo Rigenerante. 1000 ml.

It is a nourishing and vitamin filled treatment for delicate, dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Enriched with white flowers for a gentler and more moisturizing effect.
9.90 €

Black Sebum Balancing Conditioner (Balsamo Sebo Equilibrante) 1000 ml.

Gently cleanses greasy scalps removing excess sebum from the hair and giving it volume and making it easy to comb. Guarantees a sensation of cleanliness and well being, eliminating itchiness.