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7.50 €

BLACK Argan Treatment Serum 50ml

Black Argan Treatment. Serum provides a double effect: it is unusual rejuvenating oil. Argan oil nourishes and deeply moisturizes damaged hair and helps smooth the hair ends are cracked and brittle hair. To use: Apply a few drops of the product in a dry or damp hair, massage in thoroughly until the product is absorbed.
9.00 €

Black Fluid crystal. 100 ml.

Beauty cosmetic treatment for hair, with shining action, ideal to cover unpleasant split-ends effect.
9.00 €

Black Fluid crystals (Transparent) 100 ml.

The Black liquid crystals with linseed contain a high percentage of oil with an emollient action against atmospheric agents and repeated treatments such as dyeing, perms or decoloring.
15.50 €

Black Hair-loss Prevention vials. 12x10 ml.

The placental extracts with panthenol contribute to reducing hair loss already after a few weeks of treatment.Complete system which makes use of 2 specific products:• SHAMPOO The placental and panthenol extracts contained, make the shampoo particularly suitable for weak and fine hair that tends to fall out.• VIALS The two active ingredients, placental extract and pro-vitamin B in panthenol, exert
9.00 €

Black Professional 10 treatments in 1 -200 ml.

Effect: 10 effect in 1: detangle action; soft and velvety hair; it prevents the split ends; it repairs dried and damaged hair; anti-frizz and anti-humidity action; it simplifies the brushing and the use of the hair straightener; greater fixing of the hairstyle; it gives volume to the hair; it protects from the atmospheric stress; it protects the colour from the sun. How to use: Mask to be applied directly on the scalp on wet or dry hair and it is not necessary to rinse it. Massage it gently for the complete absorption. Description: 10 treatments in one product, 10 actions and benefits to take care and protect the hair.
7.00 €

Black star shine factor. 125 ml.

Special fluid with shining action. it`s the final touch to render hair soft, manageable and bright. Thanks to its particular formula, helps combing and gives maximum brightness to the hair. The shining effect is set off during phon drying. Suitable for every kind of hair.
8.00 €

Comfort - Soothing dermo-protective elixir serum 70 ml

Comfort soothing dermo-protective elixir serum is mixed with the colouring cream, to protect skin and hair as well as enhancing the colour. A cosmetic elixir with powerful soothing properties, designed to relieve irritation and redness that may arise during colouring. The combination of active ingredients provides a gentle sensory experience for the scalp: aloe vera extract creates a barrier to prevents skin redness and itching, while sunflower oil protects and enhances the colour, leaving hair shiny, hydrated and radiant.
7.00 €


Creamy moisturizing foam for blond, bleached, light or white hair. The active ingredients deeply nourish the hair, provide the hair with softness.
8.00 €

BLACK PROFESSIONAL LINE Platinum Absolute Blond Tone Booster 125 ml

BLACK PROFESSIONAL LINE PLATINUM ABSOLUTE BLOND Pigmented conditioning spray for white, blonde or bleached hair 125 ml. Neutralizes yellow tones and gives shine. Usage: Shake before use. Spray on wet or towel-dried hair. Then dry. Do not rinse.
7.00 €


Volumizing spray with bamboo extract for normal to fine hair. Restores your style by giving fine, soft hair a firm volume from the roots with a soft, lightweight fixation. Thanks to its special formula enriched with bamboo extract, hair is instantly thicker. Spraying: Spray on wet hair roots at a distance of about 15-20 cm, comb with a fine tooth comb and styled as usual.
9.50 €


A special care product that restores the structure of the hair, protects it from harmful environmental factors. Concentrated keratin formula restores thickness, vitality to the entire length of hair from first use. How to use: After washing, apply over the entire length of the hair, then dry the hair. Apply to hair and warm for 5 minutes, then dry as usual. Do not rinse.
10.00 €


Neutralise the yellow tones of white, blond or discoloured hair with the new Absolute Blond Shampoo from the Platinum range. Thanks to its special sulphate-free formula, it is ideal for gently cleansing the scalp, developing an intense anti-yellow and colour-reviving action. The Organic Almond Extract nourishes and provides hydration to dry, processed hair, making hair softer and shinier. Absolute Blond Mask revitalises blond hair thanks to its purple pigments: over time, light-coloured hair tends to lose shine, vitality and tone. Designed to counteract unsightly yellow tones, this mask by Black Professional revives colour, restoring nourishment and shine. The Organic Almond Extract contained in the formula has nourishing properties and results in white, blond or discoloured hair that is shiny and full of volume.
10.00 €


Black Professional Blanc Volume Up Shampoo with bamboo extract for normal and thin hair 300 ml / 1000 ml. Wonderful shampoo for gentle washing and thin, deep, weak hair without overloading them. Thanks to its formula enriched with bamboo extract, it restores and strengthens the thin, dull, weakened hair structure, increases its flexibility and volume. Gives thickness and shine from first use. Usage: Apply the shampoo to your hair length. Shampoo creates soft foam that softly cleanses the hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Black Professional Blanc Volume Up Hair mask with bamboo extract for normal and thin hair 250 ml / 1000 ml. Thanks to its formula enriched with bamboo extract, it restores and strengthens the thin, dull, weakened hair structure, increases its elasticity and volume, but does not burden it. When used with shampoo, it restored, brightness, volume and hair return. Usage: Apply the amount of hair you need for your hair length. Leave on for a few minutes to ensure complete component penetration. Then rinse thoroughly.