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Frequent chemical procedure, hair dyeing or extensive hair drying with a blow-dryer, makes hair lose its attractiveness and healthy appearance. It can become dry, brittle, weak and damage, close to just falling off of your head. Ollin Care Restore shampoo will give structurally damaged hair back its healthy appearance and restore the structure that has been disturbed.

This shampoo will be suitable for almost all hair types, be it normal, bleached or highlighted, and will be the most effective if used daily. Formula contains natural ingredients: plant complex, moistens the hair and softens it up; wheat protein; saturates hair with useful trace elements; D-panthenol, restored damaged epidermis and stimulates cell renewal, preventing the appearance of dandruff and inflammation.

Application: Apply a small amount of the shampoo onto damp hair, massage it in and leave in for 1-2 minutes. Thoroughly rinse. Repeat, if necessary.

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Manufacturer OLLIN
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Do you want to give your hair a beautiful and well-groomed look, and not just a pathetic look that won’t impress anyone? Do you want to prolong the natural attractiveness of your hair, getting rid of slightly split ends, restoring the structure of the hair and making it shine in all its glory? Try Ollin Care Restore intensive mask. Like its name says, it’s an intensive mask that will help repair damaged hair structure and bring it back to its healthy look. Like any other mask, it’s very easy to use and, thanks to its light consistency, it will flow over your hair with ease, wrapping it up in a thin, protective film. Masks formula is based on the amazing almond oil and silk protein properties. Vitamin complex makes sure that your hair is properly nourished and nalidon will make sure that your hair has the optimal moisture it needs. Application: Apply necessary amount of mask onto clean, freshly washed hair. Leave it in for 3-5 minutes and then thoroughly rinse off.
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Over time your hair gets influenced by lots of external factors, and inevitably it loses its appeal and beauty. It can come just from the weather or maybe you like coloring your hair bit too often. Bleaching? Hairstyling? It all can impact the way your hair looks, and if you don’t make sure your hair has everything it needs to stay healthy, it starts to look like poop. Let your hair stay healthy with Ollin Care Restore serum. It will make your hair softer, more obedient and will feed it with necessary nourishments and moisture. Serums active formula is saturated with flax seed extract, which has a very universal effect: it smoothes out cuticle and then smooths out the whole hair, preventing the appearance of split ends. Serum has a cell regeneration stimulating effect, which helps repair damaged areas and get a new layer of healthy cells. It restores hairs natural moisture levels and fights inflammatory processes on the scalp, if there are any. Application: Apply a few drops of the serum onto the palm and evenly distribute over the entire length of the hair. Do not rinse off.
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