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"MATIS restoring anti-aging complex skin care around the eyes 15 ml

This restorative, which is specially created for the contour of the eyes, eliminates all signs of aging. It has an anti-aging effect that prevents skin aging, silk acacia reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and also removes wrinkles. Softly enveloping texture.
This is not just a classic anti-aging cream designed to combat wrinkles. This is an ideal solution for women suffering from various signs of aging. This is a new anti-aging cream with a thin enveloping texture, which includes three combined actions:
smoothes wrinkles
eliminates puffiness
eliminates dark circles
The combination of active ingredients is great for adding a youthful eye contour!

Active components:
Matcha tea is a traditional Japanese tea that has a strong antioxidant effect, reduces inflammation and evens out skin tone, detoxifies, reduces the appearance of skin lesions, softens it, stimulates and regenerates skin cells. Thanks to antioxidants, it has a pronounced anti-aging effect, fights wrinkles and poor skin color, improves skin elasticity;
Silk tree - reduces the production of toxins, helps reduce signs of fatigue (dark circles and swelling), helps restore and protect the skin from damage caused by glycation;

AlguoLift - strengthens the contour of the eyes, helps fight wrinkles and puffiness;
AlguoLift is a complex consisting of 2 marine ingredients:
enriched seawater obtained through the use of microalgae, which release energy-containing metabolites that stimulate the polymerization of contractile actin fibers, which limit sagging skin. This will cause a tensor effect for the network of collagen fibers (skin tension effect);
oligo-alginate - a polysaccharide obtained from algae membranes, forms a protective film, allows enriched sea water to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
anti-aging matricins - stimulate the synthesis of extracellular matrix elements (collagen, fibronectin) to fill medium and deep wrinkles;
100% natural sugar complex - interacts with the epidermis to combat sagging skin.


Apply every morning and evening to clean skin around the eyes with smoothing movements from the inner corner of the eye to the temples. "

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Manufacturer MATIS
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