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Grūti iedomāt sievieti, kurā nekrāso matus. Krāsošanas procedūra ir kļuvusi par ierastu lietu, bet maz kurš iedomās par viņas negatīvo efektu. Tieši tāpēc ir svarīgi dot matiem nopelnīto atjaunošanu. Uzņēmuma Keratin Time līdzekļi var nodrošināt jūsu matus ar apjomu, renovēt un rekonstruēt matu šķiedras, izveidot cirtainiem matiem dabisko effektu. Keratin Time – vispirms ir ārstniecisks, maksimāli drošs līdzeklis, kurš nesatur kaitīgas vielas.

Rūpējoties par matu skaistumu, neaizmirstiet arī par veselību, jo bez tā iegūt skaistumu nav iespējams.

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9.00 €

K Time Glam Shiny Outfit spray 300ml

Shiny Outfit is the new long-lasting shine spray with Cottonseed Oil and Elastin with the ultra lightweight formula designed by K-time: thanks to the illuminating properties of Cottonseed Oil and the firming action of Elastin, it gives hair the outstanding mirrored sheen, not greasy or heavy.
From 5.95 €

K Time Party Proof Shaping gel 200ml

Party Proof is an extra-strong shaping gel enriched with Vitamin B and Aloe, with their energising and revitalising properties. It ensures maximum hold to give structure and fix to any type of hairstyle. A defined, vital look thanks to the energising strength of Vitamin B and the glow effect of Aloe. Paraben free.
8.50 €

K Time Glam Brera Fiber Paste 100 ml

Brera is a new fibrous paste created by K-time for sculpting or defining an end style. With a soft and fluffy texture, it gives body to hair by structuring it in detail. Allows a dishevelled look. It can model the most extreme hairstyles giving creativity free rein. Ensures a long-lasting yet elastic hold.
6.50 €

K Time Glam Milano Water Wax 100 ml

Glam Water Wax Milano is the new extra strong, easy to apply hair wax. It is ideal for those who want to achieve uncompromising, unconventional style. Inspired by the city of Milan, Glam Water Wax hair wax is the perfect choice for those who have a free, fashion conscious, and ambitious spirit, just like the capital of fashion. The innovative formula of Glam Water Wax Milano creates high definition and protects hair against the oxidative stress caused by daily activity, for hair that is tussled and has an irresistible glossy wet look. Tame your locks thanks to the extra strength sculpting power and frequent use of Glam Water Wax Milano.
8.50 €

K Time Glam Opera Texturizing Gum 100ml

Opera is an exceptional texturizing hair gum within K-time’s Glam line. It’s particularly suited to short hair and combines a strong hold with a surprising capacity for flexibility. It allows infinite modelling and style possibilities. Does not weigh hair down. Impeccably holds short hairstyles and offers a dry-looking texture.
39.95 €

K Time Keratin Natural 250 ml

Natural keratin is the core ingredient in the Keratin Time haircare system. It restructures the hair fibre, creating a visible lifting effect making it look natural and regenerated, stronger and fuller. Thanks to the purity of natural keratin, hair is repaired deep down. It is ideal for hair that has been damaged by the use of colour or bleach and the oxidative stress of chemical treatments. Frizz is eliminated and hair looks regenerated younger and more flowing. For professional use.
5.25 €

K Time Secret Hair Perfume 35 ml

The new Secret hair perfume releases an irresistible essence which envelops the hair with a delicate, pleasant fragrance that lasts all day. Thanks to its special formulation which prevents bad odours from adhering to the hair. Secret is a perfume specially designed for enveloping hair with an irresistible fragrance after styling, at the same time delivering hydration and shine, without weighing hair down or causing damage.
10.00 €

K Time Secret Therm Spray 150 ml

Created through our prestigious collaboration with Corioliss, a leader in the design of professional thermal styling technologies, Secret Therm is the ideal spray for protecting hair against the intense heat of hair-dryers, straighteners, and curling tongs, thus preserving the hair’s natural form and lightness. Secret spray offers an extraordinary anti-frizz effect, which is useful for protecting your hairstyle against humidity. All of these benefits are delivered in just a single, sensational application: anti-static, extreme shine, frizz control and strengthening actions, as well as maximum hold, manageability and strength. For professional use.
5.50 €

K Time Stain Back Barrier cream, colour screen 250ml

Helps protect the skin from any stains or marks when dyeing.